Instructions for Parents After the Administration of Pediatric Sedative Medications

  1. Do not leave the office.
  2. Supervise your child. The administered sedative medication/s will alter their consciousness, coordination, and ability to remain upright. Do not let your child climb on chairs, run, walk, use the restroom, etc., unattended. It is best to keep your child in your lap or in the chair next to you.
  3. Do not bring any food or liquids into the office.
  4. Take your child to the restroom and encourage them to eliminate urine and clear bowels. Do not leave your child unattended in the restroom. Do not let them drink water.
  5. Remove all but layered surface clothing. Remove any form of jewelry such as ear studs, wrist or ankle bracelets, watches, etc., if this was not done at home.
  6. After your child is placed in the companion wheel chair for their transport to the sedation room, do not leave the office under any circumstances. There may be times during the sedation procedure that the doctor will need to have a staff member speak with you. Use of cell phones should respect the privacy of others by limiting the length and loudness of conversations.
  7. If you have any questions, please ask any of our reception room staff for assistance.
  8. As a courtesy to your child and other children not allowed to eat or drink, we ask that you not eat or drink in the reception room.