Your child has received local anesthesia by injection for dental treatment. This not only numbs their teeth but also may numb their lips, cheeks, gums, and tongue. This numbness can last up to 3-4 hours after dental treatment.

Children who do not understand that they should not scratch, suck and/or chew their lips, tongue, cheeks, and gums, can often inflict injury on these structures if they are not supervised. After dental treatment under local anesthesia, it is important that your child continue to bite on the cotton gauze that was placed in your child’s mouth after dental treatment. This is to protect the mouth and lip structures.

Do not have your child eat solid foods for the rest of the day. Liquids can be given right away. Soft foods that do not require chewing/biting can be given after two hours as the numbness disappears.

The area may be sensitive for a few days or sometimes even weeks. An over-the-counter, aspirin-free pain relief medication may be given if necessary. Please follow the product label directions.

Should a self-inflicted injury occur after dental treatment under local anesthesia, please call our office for further instructions and follow-up care. The doctor may wish to examine the injury.